Personalised Support for Learning and Physical Disabilities

Our Services for those with learning and physical disabilities ensure that we are able to provide comprehensive, personalised home care for individuals who face such challenges.

Our approach to caring for individuals with learning disabilities focuses on each person’s abilities and interests, encouraging self-expression, creativity and engagement with the wider community. We provide creative support and lifestyle options empowering people to be in control of their own lives and lead a life they choose to live.

Our support services are designed to promote increased choice and control and to fill in the gaps should the need arise, thus promoting greater independence.

People with learning disabilities may require support if they are to reach their full potential and are much more likely to receive good support if they have a say in the planning and delivery of services; this is central to our beliefs.

Our appointed support-staff possess specialist skills and patience to assist people with higher support needs, helping them to achieve fulfilling daily lives.